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Q: I live in the Pacific Northwest where many homes, including mine, have moss growing on the roof.

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There are tree trimmers in our area all the time wanting to trim trees but as I consider our trees a valuable assest, I did not want the trees simply cut up.The common assumption is that ball moss is a parasite, sapping the strength out of the trees on which it grows.Here is some info on what these plants are, how they are harmful and how they can be treated.Stain Remover for pavers and slabs. White. Requires minimum scrubbing.Ball moss removal is another one of the many services that we are ready to provide to you for the upkeep and care for your trees.

While ball moss itself is not inherently bad for your tree, if it is left alone to grow and flourish on the tree, then you will start to have problems.Moss Removal Florida trees are home to several types of moss including Spanish moss, commonly found on Live Oaks or Bald Cypress and ball moss, which is also found on Live Oaks and other shade trees.Effectively removes moss, mildew, dead leaves, wine, blood and non greasy food.

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We do recommend cutting both out of the trees however during tree trimming.The moss gets its nutrients from the air, and does not draw anything from the tree.

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Our skilled crew is ready, willing and able to help rid your tree of ball moss, by mechanical means: We trim and prune the tree to remove the deadwood that provides ideal growing areas for ball moss.Ball Moss and Mistletoe Removal Posted on March 13, 2015 by guy Ball moss and mistletoe are two common tree pests in Central Texas, frequently removed when tree pruning.

Moss growth and other plant organisms are a common problem on stone, concrete, and other surfaces that remain shaded and fairly moist throughout the day.The area around the lower tree branches that gets minimal sunlight is the ideal place for this type of moss, and is where it most often stems from.

I have yet to try it on my moss filled lawn but after reading this I think I will try.

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Tillandsia recurvata, commonly known as small ballmoss or ball moss, is a flowering plant (not a true moss) in the family Bromeliaceae that grows upon larger host plants.Dried moss is a craft material that can be used in a variety of home projects from wreaths to flower arrangements.Ball moss, part of the bromeliad family, resemble small, pale green tumbleweeds attached to the branches of trees.Spanish moss drapes old oaks, adding character and charm to Southern landscapes.We are personally involved in every clients job to ensure their best interest are at hand and their.Ball moss (Tillandsia recurvata) is a harmless epiphyte - a plant that grows on the surface of other things.

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Use your pruning shears to remove any and all dead wood from your trees.

We remove everything by hand before pruning the tree to get rid of all the dead wood.Use caution, as tearing out of firmly attached clumps may damage twigs, opening the way for secondary infection by fungi or insects.Hill Country Arborist has a fully certified arborist, Neal Howerton, who provides quality tree care.A Marimo Moss Ball is often displayed in stores with aquarium plants.On driveways, stairs, or walkways moss can be very slick and slippery as it absorbs water.

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